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PS Plus: Here’s When the July 2024 New Games Come Out

PS Plus: Here’s When the July 2024 New Games Come Out

by Ali Mahmud

It’s nearly time for the new free PS Plus games to appear on the PlayStation Store. While there are ow three different subscription tiers, all members will gain access to this month’s free PS5 and PS4 games. That’s right, whether you’re on Essential, Extra, or Premium, the July PS Plus games will be yours to play! Here’s when the PS Plus July 2024 free games come out in ET and PT (US), BST (UK), and CEST (EU) time zones.

When can you download the July 2024 PS Plus games?

ps plus july 2024 release time

You can download the July 2024 PS Plus games on July 5 at the following times:

  • 10 AM ET
  • 7 AM PT
  • 3 PM BST
  • 4 PM CEST

Though the above times are when most of the monthly PS Plus games have been released, delays have been known to happen. Veteran PS Plus subscribers will be all too aware that it can sometimes take up to three hours before the month’s games appear free to download. It’s very important that users don’t try to download the month’s games before they are listed as “Free,” as you may end up being charged. Patience is best in this situation!

The July 2024 games will be available to download for the next month. However, we’d recommend all PS Plus subscribers make it a priority to add all games to the library. They don’t have to be downloaded, only added to the library to secure them for future use. Even if you don’t plan on playing them right now, it’s a good idea to have them in the library to have the option.

In other PlayStation news, Hideo Kojima claims to have suggested cross-saves a decade ago. Subscriptions like PS Plus are expected to lead market growth without major hit games. A fan has compiled a handy list of PS Plus Extra/Premium games with sizes.

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