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Latest PS5 Firmware Beta Contains Reference to PSVR 2

Latest PS5 Firmware Beta Contains Reference to PSVR 2

by Ali Mahmud

Sony still hasn’t confirmed the release date of the PSVR 2. However, the latest PS5 firmware beta contains mentions of the headset that might point to it arriving sooner rather than later. The reference to the PSVR 2 is just a small one in the accessory settings. Still, it shows that Sony is at least starting the process of adding support for the headset to the PS5.

PSVR 2 mentioned in PS5 firmware beta settings

Text mentioning the PSVR 2 Sense controllers can be found in the Controller (General) section of the Accessories menu in the latest PS5 firmware beta. Under Communication Method, it reads:

You can choose whether the controller communicates with your PS5 using Bluetooth or the USB cable. For DUALSHOCK 4 (CUH-ZCT1 series) controllers and PS VR2 Sense controllers, Bluetooth is used regardless of this setting.

Unfortunately, the setting itself doesn’t have anything to do with the headset. In fact, the only thing that’s different between the description on the current firmware and the beta is the addition of “and PS VR2 Sense controllers.” However, we can see the entire layout of the Accessories menu is set to change from the current version, which might indicate we’ll see changes throughout the settings menu.

Unfortunately, the screenshot, which was posted on Reddit, doesn’t give us anything else to speculate on. Unfortunately, we don’t have access to the firmware beta, but we’ll assume this is the only mention of the PSVR 2 that’s been discovered in it.

Sony has drip-fed us info about the PSVR 2, but the headset hasn’t gotten a full reveal yet. Moreover, we haven’t even received a hint at a potential release date. Given the focus on the device throughout 2024, many assumed it’d hit stores later this year. However, some rumors have pointed to a 2024 release.

In other news, Resident Evil Village is adding accessibility features in a free update, and the Backbone One is likely to be as closest we’ll get to a PS Vita 2.

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