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New PS3 and PS Vita Firmware Updates Disable PSN Account Creation

New PS3 and PS Vita Firmware Updates Disable PSN Account Creation

by Ali Mahmud

Sony has rolled out new PS3 and PS Vita firmware updates that essentially further wind down services available on the systems. According to the official patch notes, signing into PSN from PS3 and PS Vita will now require two-factor authentication for enhanced security, and users will no longer be able to create new PSN accounts from either of the two systems.

Dying slowly but surely

PS Plus PS3 Vita

Back in March, Sony disabled the ability to renew subscriptions from the PS3 and PS Vita. This followed last October’s update that disabled the ability to use Paypal and credit/debit cards on the PS Store for both systems. A year ago, Sony was forced to reverse its decision to shut down PS3 and PS Vita stores entirely, admitting that its decision was a little premature. However, no amount of backlash could save the legendary PSP.

“It’s clear that we made the wrong decision here,” SIE CEO Jim Ryan said following backlash last year. “So today I’m happy to say that we will be keeping the PlayStation Store operational for PS3 and PS Vita devices.” The executive then went on to explain that Sony has to consider investing resources into its newer systems as opposed to keeping the older systems alive. Both beloved consoles are dying a slow death and I suspect that after the new PS Plus rolls out, it won’t be long before Sony pulls the plug on PS3 and PS Vita stores as well.

Patch notes for today’s updates (PS3 version 4.89 and PS Vita version 3.74) are as follows:

  • Signing in to PlayStation Network now requires a device password for enhanced account protection.
  • Account creation for PlayStation Network and some account management features are no longer available on the console. Use your PC or mobile browser to use account management features with improved performance, speed, and safety.

In other news, PS5 shipments have topped 19.5 million units worldwide, and a 2001 Duke Nukem Forever build has leaked.

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