Home Gaming New PS5 Update Adds Ability To View All Hidden Trophies at Once
New PS5 Update Adds Ability To View All Hidden Trophies at Once

New PS5 Update Adds Ability To View All Hidden Trophies at Once

by Ali Mahmud

Today’s new PS5 update features a hidden change that Sony hadn’t detailed in the official list of patch notes. This change will be of particular interest to Trophy hunters, as it allows users to reveal all hidden Trophy information with the click of a single button.

How to view all hidden Trophies at once on PS5

To view all hidden Trophies at once on PS5, users should:

  1. Ensure the new PS5 update has been installed for September 7, 2024.
  2. Go to the Trophies menu.
  3. Highlight a game and push the “Options” button on the PS5 controller.
  4. Toggle on the “Reveal All” feature.

YouTuber Mystic discovered the change and showcased it in the above video at the 6: 38 mark.

According to Mystic, this setting will stay on for as long as users want on a per-game basis. That means users won’t have to keep hitting “Reveal All” every single time they want to check their Trophy progression.

While this change is relatively minor when compared to 1440p support, the addition of gamelist folders, an overall of the Game Hub, and many other significant improvements, it’s still worth noting for those who were tired of repeatedly having to click “Reveal Trophy information” on every single hidden Trophy.

The ability to reveal all hidden Trophies will be most useful in story-heavy games where certain decisions are hidden from view in the menu so as to not spoil anything. For those who have already beaten the game or those who simply don’t care about having the plot ruined, the ability to reveal all Trophy information with the push of a single button will be very welcome.

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