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PS5 Slim Release Date Window Revealed – Report

PS5 Slim Release Date Window Revealed – Report

by Ali Mahmud

The PS5 Slim release date will be Q3 2024, according to known insider Tom Henderson in verification of a report from TheLeak.co yesterday. An anonymous source says that the console may not have the word “Slim” in its name when it launches next year. Production of the PS5 Slim is apparently slated for Q2 2024.

PS5 Slim will have detachable disk drive, suggests insider

In the tweet above, Henderson corroborates that the report from TheLeak.co lines up with his earlier report of a new PS5 that will be arriving with a detachable disk drive in September 2024. Given the different pieces of information revealed in both articles, let’s parse the information. Sony has yet to reveal any official information on this supposed PS5 redesign, so please bear that in mind.

The PS5 Slim will reportedly use a die-shrink treatment that will make the console use less voltage, run cooler, and weigh less. It will also remove the stand used when the console is laying horizontal. Sony hopes this overall weight reduction will lower shipping and production costs.

Internally, this new PS5 has been dubbed the “D chassis PlayStation 5” as opposed to the current A, B, and C chassis models of the console. Sony anticipates producing 18.5 million units of the PS5 Slim and 12 million units of prior PS5 models.

To keep it thin, the PS5 Slim will apparently have a detachable disc drive that can be connected to the console via an additional USB-C port on the back. Buyers can choose whether to purchase the the console with or without the extra disc drive.

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