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Resident Evil Village Update Will Add Accessibility Options for Free

Resident Evil Village Update Will Add Accessibility Options for Free

by Ali Mahmud

Capcom has announced that a free Resident Evil Village update will be arriving soon that will add new accessibility options. This includes closed captions and toggles for subtitle size. This patch will be released in tandem with the Winters’ Expansion and Gold Edition that are both slated to arrive in October this year.

What comes with the Resident Evil Village update in October 2024

As revealed by the tweet posted above on the official Resident Evil Twitter account, the patch will include toggles for subtitle size, color, and background, a permanent reticle, closed captions, and speaker name display in story mode. Of course, it would have been better if these options were included from the beginning when Resident Evil Village launched in May last year, but it’s nice to see Capcom continue to support the game with free updates more than a year after its release.

Some of the fan comments were a bit confused about the news, so to be clear, the update is separate from the upcoming Winters’ Expansion and Gold Edition. Scheduled to release on October 28, the $20 Winters’ Expansion will include three pieces of DLC. This includes a third-person mode that will make the game feel more like Resident Evil 4, the Shadows of Rose DLC that covers what happens to Rosemary Winters 16 years after the original campaign, and a Mercenaries Additional Orders mode that features a fully decked-out Chris Redfield, Karl Heisenberg, and Alcina Dimitrescu. Shadows of Rose will see Ethan’s daughter cope with her powers by attempting to enter the consciousness of Megamycete.

If you haven’t had the chance to play Resident Evil Village yet, you can wait for the Gold Edition that arrives on the same day in October. Available for $50, it will package the Winters’ Expansion as well as The Trauma pack DLC and the online-only title Resident Evil Re:Verse. It will also come with a Street Wolf Outfit, that has a logo of Chris Redfield’s Hound Wolf unit on the back, for Rosemary in the Shadows of Rose DLC as a limited bonus.

In other news, the Backbone One PlayStation Edition is likely to be the closest we’re going to get to a PS Vita 2, and Warner Bros. promises that there won’t be any more Multiversus progress resets.

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