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Rumor: Amazon is Buying EA, Announcement Later Today (Updated)

Rumor: Amazon is Buying EA, Announcement Later Today (Updated)

by Ali Mahmud

Update: A conflicting report from CNBC suggests that the rumors are false:

Original Story: It’s been a big couple of years for huge video game industry acquisitions and the latest looks to be Amazon buying EA. If rumors prove correct, an announcement could come as soon as today confirming that Amazon has indeed put in an offer to purchase Electronic Arts.

Amazon to buy EA

According to USA Today sources, Amazon will today announce that “it has put in a formal offer to acquire Electronic Arts.”

Puck (via VGC) had previously reported that EA had allegedly spoken to titans “Apple, Amazon, and Disney” about potentially selling. It now seems that Amazon made an offer.

Amazon buying EA and its studios, including EA Sports, Bioware, Criterion, DICE, Motive, and Respawn, would be a massive acquisition.

Games currently in development at EA studios include Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, Skate 4, the Dead Space remaster, a new Need for Speed game, and more. It remains to be seen what happens to these games should the acquisition go through.

Amazon itself has a gaming division that has launched multiple games, some of which like New World enjoyed success, and others like Crucible which didn’t do so hot.

Having experienced some clear friction while trying to publish on-trend games, Amazon could benefit enormously from taking on so many well-established EA franchises.

It’s not clear when exactly the announcement will come, but PlayStation LifeStyle will be quick to provide any updates on the matter, including any relevant dates and, if it’s made public (officially or otherwise), the presumably colossal price.

In other PlayStation news, leaked images of the GPD Win 4 look an awful lot like a PS Vita 2. An analyst says that the PS5 price increase won’t have much of an impact on sales. The fantasy action RPG Atlas Fallen is inspired by God of War and Horizon.

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