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Saints Row Trophies Look Pretty Time-Consuming

Saints Row Trophies Look Pretty Time-Consuming

by Ali Mahmud

Saints Row trophies (PS5, PS4) have been published ahead of the game’s release on August 23rd, revealing a straight-forward but time-consuming run to Platinum. Completionists will be pleased to see a healthy mix of trophies associated with collectibles, leveling up, completing side quests, etc. Without further ado, check out the full list below.

Saints Row trophies – full list

Completionist trophy

Unlock all trophies.

Power Players trophy

Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 3.

Masters of Santo Ileso trophy

Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 4.

A Golden Age trophy

Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 5.

Jack of All Trades trophy

Acquire every perk.

It’s a Bird! trophy

Complete all wingsuit challenges.

Quality Time trophy

Complete all loyalty missions.

Shopping Spree trophy

Buy 1 item from every store.

Hijacked trophy

Pulled out of a car by a pedestrian.

Finders Keepers trophy

Obtain 5 items in the Collectibles app.

The Collector trophy

Obtain 85 items in the Collectibles app.

We could go home, or… trophy

Sing karaoke with the Saints.

Untouchable trophy

Complete 10 Crimes of Opportunity.

The Professional trophy

Complete all jobs on the Wanted app.

Always Be Hustling trophy

Complete all Side Hustles.

Showdown trophy

Complete Showdown.

The Side Job trophy

Complete a Side Hustle.

Wet Work trophy

Complete a job on the Wanted app.

First F#@!ing Day trophy

Complete First F#@!ing Day.

Challenge Accepted trophy

Complete 25 challenges.

Tune Up trophy

Customize a vehicle.

Optimized trophy

Customize a weapon.

Statement Pieces trophy

Customize a weapon, a vehicle, clothing item, and your skin with a Cutting Edge material.

Chaos Tamer trophy

Defeat all members of the Idols Collective.

Bonus Round trophy

Destroy a car with Pugnus Sanctus Dei.

The Spins trophy

Perform a barrel roll.

Landlord trophy

Place a criminal venture.

Work Ethic trophy

Complete a criminal venture.

The Mechanic trophy

Fully upgrade a vehicle.

Kitted Out trophy

Fully upgrade a weapon.

Et tu? trophy

Betrayed by a friend.

Performance Review trophy

Get fired.

Took It To The Limit trophy

Reach the maximum level.

Picking Fights trophy

Defeat a miniboss from each faction.

Wrecking Ball trophy

Kill an enemy with a towed object.

Armor Piercing trophy

Kill a tank driver with the Quantum Aperature.

Making a Name trophy

Name your criminal empire.

Neighborly trophy

Complete 5 districts in Santo Ileso.

Closet Space trophy

Own 100 different pieces of clothing.

Prankster trophy

Prank a co-op partner.

Smooth Moves trophy

Buy 2 Emotes.

A Car Named Simone trophy

Perform a quadruple backflip with Super Air Control.

Free Frefill trophy

Refill the boost bar 3 times in a row with Infinite Boost.

Food for Thought trophy

Stagger an enemy with a vending machine.

Tourist trophy

Complete the photo scavenger hunt.

Community Outreach trophy

Complete 10 districts in Santo Ileso.

Heard You Like Wheels trophy

Unlock all vehicle special upgrades.

Fiesta Time trophy

Hit a launched pinata with the Pinata Stick.

To The Nines trophy

Open the Style app for the first time.

All Mine trophy

Complete all 15 districts in Santo Ileso.

A Young Empire trophy

Unlock Criminal Empire Tier 2.

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