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Sonic Adventure 3 Hints from Sonic Team Head Takashi Iizuka

Sonic Adventure 3 Hints from Sonic Team Head Takashi Iizuka

by Ali Mahmud

All eyes are on Sonic Frontiers right now and the lackluster response from fans over the early footage shown this week. In a new interview explaining how Frontiers came to be an open-world game, things went in an unexpected direction when Sonic Team head Takashi Iizuka hints how he hoped the work they put into Frontiers could be repurposed for a new Sonic Adventure game, likely Sonic Adventure 3.

The likelihood of getting Sonic Adventures 3

Sonic Adventure

Iizuka explained how he had previously said he would “like to continue the Sonic Adventure series at some point” in an interview with IGN First. The Sonic Adventure games also had open areas although these were smaller and known as Adventure Fields. Techniques the team learned from both games are currently being used in Sonic Frontiers. While Iizuka isn’t thinking of his next game just yet, he hopes “all of the work we put into Sonic Frontiers can be used to make another Sonic Adventure game sometime.” Sonic Adventure 3 is far from certain at the moment, but it has definitely given fans hope for the future.

For now, Iizuka also explained how Sonic Frontiers will have open-world levels that encourage players to explore. Not only will there be the typical fast-paced Sonic experiences, but there will also be moments where players have to solve puzzles to open up new areas. They felt the standard 3D linear format didn’t give the team enough room to innovate and would lead to a game that was extremely similar to ones that had gone before it. Only time will tell how successful this new approach will be.

In other news, the horror game about a bloodthirsty spider train called Choo-Choo Charles could be finding its way to PlayStation consoles in the future. Elsewhere, the rumored Crash Bandicoot multiplayer game apparently has a test build featuring ten characters.

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