Home Gaming Star Trek: Prodigy Supernova for PS4 and PS5 Leaked at Convention
Star Trek: Prodigy Supernova for PS4 and PS5 Leaked at Convention

Star Trek: Prodigy Supernova for PS4 and PS5 Leaked at Convention

by Ali Mahmud

Star Trek: Prodigy Supernova, a brand-new videogame from publisher Outright Games, hasactually been dripped at a Star Trek Convention. The videogame, in advancement at Tessera Studios, will be coming to PS4 and PS5. However, we understand really bit else about it at the minute and it appears we’ll have to wait another month for those information.

What do we understand about Star Trek: Prodigy Supernova?

Star Trek Prodigy Supernova

Star Trek: Prodigy Supernova will be based on the Nickelodeon Star Trek: Prodigy TELEVISION series that includes a team of young aliens from Delta Quadrant. Set 5 years after the USS Voyager returned to Earth, the group discovers an deserted Starfleet ship, the USS Protostar, within the Tars Lamora jail nest. Throughout the series, they’ve discovered themselves taking control of the ship and trying to make their method towards the Alpha Quadrant. How carefully the videogame will follow the occasions of the TELEVISION series stays to be seen.

The videogame will function some of the more popular characters of the program according to the poster found at the Star Trek convention in Chicago by TrekCore.com (thanks GamesRadar). The team’s captain Dal R’El, Gwyndala, Jankom Pog, Zero, Rok-Tahk, and Murf a function in the team lineup, while Kathryn Janeway will likewise make an look. Outright Games hasactually assured they will be exposing the videogame effectively next month bymeansof their Youtube channel so anticipate more of the finer information to be cleared up then.

In other news, a task listing has exposed Bungie is preparation to broaden the Destiny universe into a multi-media IP. Potential tasks in factortoconsider consistof motionpictures, TELEVISION reveals, books, comics, and  “audio formats”. Elsewhere, the underperformance of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of sales will not stop a followup from being established. Eidos Montreal states it has prepares for where the characters might go in the future.


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