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The Division 2 July 6 Update Patch Notes, Season 10 Release Date Window

The Division 2 July 6 Update Patch Notes, Season 10 Release Date Window

by Ali Mahmud

The Division 2 has received another minor update today, as well as an updated roadmap explaining the release date window for the upcoming Season 10 and Season 11. The main purpose of the update was seemingly to fix some XP exploits as well as missing loot. Meanwhile, the next major update, Title Update 16, is due to go into testing in August alongside the start of Season 10.

The Division 2 July 6 Update Patch Notes

The Division 2 Update Season 10

The Division 2 got its latest update today, July 6. Despite only containing a small list of fixes, the maintenance took approximately four hours before players were able to return to the game. The fixes mainly concentrated on making sure all missing items from Inaya’s shop, the crafting station, and loot drops were put into the game, as well as fixing a couple of XP exploits. The full patch notes are below:


  • Fixed an issue where the blueprints for the Dread Edict, Bluescreen and Catharsis exotics were missing from Inaya’s shop.
  • Fixed an issue where The Setup and Closer did not drop with targeted loot.
  • Fixed an issue where Season 9 blueprints did not appear in the Crafting Station before acquiring them.


  • Fixed an issue where the menu would not appear when inspecting people in Countdown menu.


  • Fixed an issue where items appear as proficient despite not being at proficiency rank 10.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to gain high amounts of proficiency XP by disrupting Parnell’s decoys in “The Tombs” mission.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player to stack bonus expertise damage.


  • Resolved the grade icon being shifted to the left on all item tiles in the inventory.
  • Resolved visual stretching outside of borders with the new gear/vanity items in the Season 9 Rewards Tracker.

The next major update for The Division 2 will be Title Update 16 which is due to be introduced onto PTS in August alongside Season 10. The update will add more difficulty options to Countdown Mode, as well as other tweaks to “make it more rewarding and enjoyable.” More details on other bug fixes and gameplay improvements will be revealed in the next Special Report livestream.

Season 10 will continue the story of the Warlords of New York by introducing new Manhunt targets. The Tidal Basin and Manning National Zoo Strongholds will get Legendary difficulty, while there will also be new Apparel Events, new gear and weapons, and “updates focused on game health.” Season 10 is due to begin in August, while Season 11 will follow in December. In addition to the new Manhunt target, new Apparel Events, and new gear and weapons, Season 11 will get a new game mode that’s also due to be revealed in the aforementioned Special Report livestream.

Elsewhere in the franchise, players can continue to sign up to help with closed testing of Tom Clancy’s The Division Heartland. Finally, Ubisfot Massive promises an update later this month on The Division’s mobile game.

In other news, Skull & Bones will be the focus of the very first Ubisoft Forward Spotlight on July 7. Elsewhere, Lollipop Chainsaw is getting a remake that’s due to be released in 2024.

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