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Transform Your Old Wall Into a Star Feature

by Robert Glenn

Exterior and interior walls bring out the look of your home. An ugly wall makes your house look unattractive and disorganized. Some products make your home wall look pretty expensive and new. Such versatile products are from this website.

Your living space decoration starts with your wall. There are some ways in which you can customize your old wall into a star feature. Some of these decor ideas that add a taste to your house include the following;

Choose large scale-arts

Arts draws attention and sets the beautiful tone in a small space making the house wall look fabulous. While choosing arts, try a color that picks the attention of many people or your favorite color for your decoration. It makes your wall to look complete and impressive.

Wall gallery

Source: decoist.com

Wall gallery adds personality to your house and also raises the home value. Wall hangings mixed with your family’s photos adds a taste to your wall. It would help if you extended the gallery to the ceiling, creating an illusion of a large scale.

 Incorporate an accent wall

Source: pinterest.cl

This involves decorative paint techniques that are required for your home. This brings quite a difference to your walls. Some cosmetic procedures apply to stencil and making patterns in your walls with wallpapers.

Showcase fabric

Source: architecturaldigest.com

Showcase fabric adds softness to your space right from the color you use together with the patterns. Consider using frames that are easier to remove if you decide to move into a new house. Some of these frames include pretty textiles and vintage scalves.

Consider hanging mirrors

Source: realhomes.com

Mirrors add beauty to your house and reflect light inside the house, making it look fabulous and extra spacious. Consider hanging oversized mirrors to your walls to make the room look open and inviting. It completes your room enough and hides the imperfection in your space.

Paint a mural

Source: theinkbucket.in

Painting a mural makes your mind shift to another space away from your house. They are eye-catching and can be used for any room in your home. Mural wall paintings can speak a thousand words to you, catching your attention in the house. They are cheap and advisable for you.

Install shelves

Source: smallspacedesigner.com

Shelves in your living room are used to display hardcovers and small sculptures.  Shelves do tie together space in a way that other pieces cannot. This helps your house look organized and classic enough for a luxurious taste.

Hang plates

Source: guidepatterns.com

Some wire plates help you display your fine expensive plates on your walls. Cabinets in your house for dishes are becoming outdated, and most people are choosing the plate wall display method. This makes use of your plates to look decorative other than keeping them in your cabinets.

Sculptural sconce

Source: ylighting.com

The sconce is an alternative way of adding light to your walls, making them decorative in light and style. They are still wall décor style hat are still in use.  Dull walls need to be added to some sculpture sconce to add some brightness.

Bring in plants

Source: gardenista.com

Mount some plants on the wall to bring the attention of nature to your house. The plants are not only kept in the windows but also into walls adding some beauty. Wall plants have been proven to boost one’s moods and reduce stress; hence highly recommended inside your living space.

Add some weavings

Source: abeautifulmess.com

Weavings in the house add fantastic texture to your home. It also helps you understand the working of the universe despite it being in your living space. These weavings are a kind of symbolic creation of the universe.

Removable wall arts

Source: homebnc.com

Removable wall arts are mainly used by residents leaving temporarily in that house and have to move into another house. These wall arts include stickers and wallpapers that don’t require tapers. Most of them are peel and stick.

Hanging oversized calendar

Source: thespruce.com

Calendar do keep track of your events correctly. An oversized calendar to your house adds some beauty and taste, primarily when used in the kitchen walls. It would be best if you consider using large bright calendars to brighten your room with the colors.

Add a sizeable giant chalkboard or whiteboard

Source: theorganizedmama.com

Whiteboards add a perfect rustic air to your room. You can paint your wall to look precisely like the chalkboard bringing the sense of a writable surface. You can opt for other colors, not only white. Consider choosing the smooth, intelligent boards for your living space.

Create a basket wall

Source: rootanddwell.com

Different baskets are put into consideration of your wall decor. They liven up your wall, may it be neutral or colorful. They create a look of both modern and traditional. They are available in a variety of styles for your decorations.

Hang a personalized map

Source: decoufinearts.com

A personalized map can be a map of your country, the continent, or the world. Hanging up maps makes you have thoughts and memories of specific places you’ve visited accompanied by the achievements you made there. You can also pin places you’ve not visited, thus ringing a reminder to your brain of places to visit and the left places once you are ready.

Hang your TV screen

Source: mrright.in

Televisions on the walls free up space in your house. It also adds some decor taste to the room other than placing it on tables or furniture. The south corner of your room is considered the best to mount your screen.

Add shiplap wall paneling

Source: realsimple.com

This wall decoration practice brings a coastal feeling to your wall in either the living space, bathroom, or bedroom. In the exterior siding, wooden boards are much appreciated. This art is flexible in such a way that it is applicable anywhere.

Use the wall for storage

Source: archiproducts.com

Your walls can be a perfect place to store the shouting items and add some taste. You can mount items such as your bike, some expensive silver bracelets, and things such as colorful hats that will catch the attention of many.

Final words

When it comes to walls, they speak a lot about someone. You can decorate your walls at a cheaper cost making your home look brighter and expensive. Consider choosing the best wall decoration techniques to transform your old wall into a star feature.

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